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HydrO2ga® a No-Impact Exercise

FAQs of HydrO2ga®  ::

Why is HydrO2ga® water exercise considered holistic?

Phyllis's strong background in the field of naturopathic medicine has shown her the value of applying individualism in suggesting health information for the emotional, physical and mental body.  HydrO2ga® instruction attempts to help the individual communicate with these three bodies with mind body connection and movement in the no-impact environment of the deep water.

Who is  HydrO2ga® water exercise for?

HydrO2ga® is for people of all ages. The instruction begins wherever the individual is in relationship to their age, health, and health issues. The program is highly adaptable to each individual's needs and water skill level. It is for the person who wants to challenge their fear of water, as well as for the person with distance swimming skills. Participants agree that practicing HydrO2ga® supports the individual who experience joint pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, sports injuries, emotional and mental stress, cardio stress, and pregnancy.

Where and when do HydrO2ga® classes occur?

Regularly occurring classes are currently being offered at  beautiful aquatics facilities of Colorado. Private, semi-private, and group classes are available. Group classes are limited to four students in order to maintain attention to individual needs and differences. Class schedules vary among the facilities, and are adjusted based on participants' needs. Multi-day HydrO2ga® workshops may also be arranged at a location near you.

How much do HydrO2ga® classes cost? May the costs be billed to insurance?

Class fees are comparable to those for group water exercise situations. Certain health maintenance and health insurance programs may also cover most or all of the participants' fees, and insurance is accepted. Please call (303-823-5902) or click on the "Contact Us..." button above to request more specific information!

How do I get started with HydrO2ga®?

Please click on the "Getting Started With the Program" button above to learn about the introductory "Get Moving With HydrO2ga®" video and supporting information. Then click on the "Contact Us..." button to place your order ! You may also phone us at 303-823-5902.

How can I become certified to teach HydrO2ga®?

Please click on the "Instructor Certifications" button above to learn about how you may become a certified HydrO2ga® instructor and begin teaching this innovative program in your community. Then call 303-823-5902 or click on the "Contact Us..." button to begin making arrangements to become certified!



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Class Prices Vary
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Class Prices Vary
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